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9A0-401 Sample Question 1:

A client experiences connectivity issues when trying to view an HTML5 form from their

browser. Which log should be checked to ensure connectivity?

A. The request log

B. The audit log

C. The access log

D. The application server log

Answer: A

Adobe 9A0-401 Dumps Question 2:

Instance Manager must be used to remove a row. Which line of code should be used to

perform this task?

A. row_name.instanceManager.removeInstance(this.row_name.instanceIndex);

B. instanceManager.removeInstance(this.row_name.instanceIndex);

C. row_name.instanceManager.removeRow(row_name.instanceIndex);

D. instanceManager.removeInstance();

Answer: D

Free Adobe 9A0-401 Practice Question 3:

The “func” parameter is not supplied to the manage.json endpoint. What is the result?

A. An unfiltered response is returned

B. A list of services that matches a specific criterion is returned

C. A JSON object with a null pointer is returned

D. A JSON object with an error is returned

Answer: C

Latest 9A0-401 Exam Question 4:

A form developer loads an adaptive form without the wcmmode=disabled query string

parameter. What is the result?

A. The form does NOT load correctly

B. Apache String throws a null pointer error

C. Apache String throws a missing parameter exception

D. The form loads correctly

Answer: D

Update Adobe 9A0-401 Question 5:

When batch processing a large number of files, a developer will leverage the Output

component to render the respective PDF files. A large sample test file provided to the

developer from the client causes an Out of Memory exception and terminates the process

during execution. What should the developer do to fix the problem?

A. Review error logs and perform fix as described in logs

B. Select a smaller data file to complete the development

C. Increase the JVM heap sixe and test the process again

D. Use the SDK instead of Workbench to develop the solution

Answer: B

Latest Adobe 9A0-401 Dumps PDF Question 6:

What service within AEM is used to stitch multiple documents together resulting in an

interactive PDF?

A. Digital Rights Management

B. Output

C. Assembler

D. Reader Extensions

Answer: C

New 29-December 2018 Adobe 9A0-401 Adobe Experience Manager Forms Developer ACE Exam Question 7:

What is the purpose of creating a custom post.POST.jsp for a custom submit action?

A. To create a custom submission handler through script

B. To override the text on the default THANK YOU page

C. To override the default submit location

D. To add fields to the Edit Dialog of the component

Answer: A

Adobe Experience Manager Forms Developer ACE Exam – 9A0-401 Question 8:

In designer, which workflow allows a textfield to expand and span multiple pages of a form


A. Select Allow Page Breaks within Content option and set the form content property

B. Select Allow Multiple Lines, Allow Page Breaks within Content options, and set the form

content property

C. Select Allow Multiple Lines and Allow Page Breaks within Content options

D. Select Allow Span Lines option only and deselect Prevent Page Breaks

Answer: A

29-December-2018 9A0-401 Online Practice Test Question 9:

All expressions evaluate to false. Which element within a condition block can be used to

populate data?

A. Static

B. Final

C. Default

D. Case

Answer: D

Pass your 9A0-401 Exam Adobe Question 10:

A developer needs to export a Correspondence Management solution. What should be the

file type of the exported package?





Answer: B

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