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Free PMI PMP Sample Quesiton 1:
Through whom do project managers accomplish work?

A. Consultants and stakeholders
B. Stakeholders and functional managers
C. Project team members and consultants
D. Project team members and stakeholders

Answer: D

Latest PMI PMP Practice Question 2:
One of the objectives of a quality audit is to:

A. highlight the need for root cause analysis.
B. share the process documentation among stakeholders.
C. offer assistance with non-value-added activities.
D. identify all of the gaps or shortcomings.

Answer: D

Free PMP Exam Dumps PDF Question 3:
In which process group is the scope first defined?

A. Initiating
B. Planning
C. Executing
D. Controlling

Answer: A

New PMP Exam Dumps Demo Question 4:
What defines the portion of work included in a contract for items being purchased or acquired?

A. Procurement management plan
B. Evaluation criteria
C. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
D. Contract Statement of Work (SOW)

Answer: D

Download PMP PDF Question 5:
Status of deliverables, implementation status for change requests, and forecasted estimates to complete are examples of:

A. Earned value management.
B. Enterprise environmental factors.
C. Organizational process assets.
D. Work performance information.

Answer: D

Free Download PMI PMP Demo Question 6:
The process of developing a detailed description of the project and product is known as:

A. Create WBS.
B. Verify Scope.
C. Collect Requirements.
D. Define Scope.

Answer: D

Project-Management-Professional PMP Practice Question 7:
A method to manage stakeholder expectations in the scope statement is to clearly:

A. state the guiding principles of the organization.
B. identify alternatives to generate different approaches.
C. state what is out of scope.
D. outline the results of the Delphi technique.

Answer: C

Project Management Professional v5 PMI PMP Online Quiz Question 8:
A collection of projects managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives is referred to as a:

A. plan
B. process
C. program
D. portfolio

Answer: D

Project-Management-Professional PMP Sample Question 9:
The contract in which the seller is reimbursed for all allowable costs for performing the contract work and then receives a fee based upon achieving certain performance objectives is called a:

A. Cost Plus Incentive Fee Contract (CPIF).
B. Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contract (CPFF).
C. Fixed Price Incentive Fee Contract (FPIF).
D. Time and Material Contract (T&M).

Answer: A

Free PMI PMP Project Management Professional v5 Demo Question 10:
Which Knowledge Areas include processes from the Closing Process Group?

A. Project Quality Management and Project Time Management
B. Project Scope Management and Project Risk Management
C. Project Stakeholder Management and Project Cost Management
D. Project Integration Management and Project Procurement Management

Answer: D

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