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H11-811 Sample Questions

This 90 mins certification exam covers but is not limited to the topics like TDM and VoIP Voice Network, eSpace IPT Solution Introduction, IPT System Installation and Initial Configuration (including U1900, IAD, IP Phone), IPT Basic Call Services Deployment (Intra-office and Inter-office Call), IPT Basic Service Application (Number Conversion Based on Prefix, Intelligent Routing, Automatic Switchboard, Built-in Voice Mailbox, CDR System), eSpace IP Phone Deployment.
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This Huawei H11-811 Certification Exam Contains the following Topics:

Exam Topics:

1. eSpace IPT Solution Basis 40%
2. Basic Call Scenario 20%
3. eSpace IPT Basic Service Application 30%
4. eSpace IPT System Routine Maintenance and Troubleshooting 10%

NOTE: it should be kept in mind that the exam topics mentioned are just to give the candidates general guidance. Other contents may or may not be included in the actual exam by Huawei for improvement purposes as and when they see it as necessary.

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H11-811 Sample Question 1:

Which of the following statements is CORRECT about call rights for U1900?
A. U1900 supports four default call rights. Users can customize call rights.
B. Users with the default service level have national call right for outgoing calls.
C. Users assigned the national call rights only have national call rights for outgoing calls
(except for intra and local call).
D. Users assigned the international call rights have intra, local, and international call rights
for outgoing calls.
Answer: A

December 2018 H11-811 Sample Question # 2:

Which of the following statements are CORRECT about the logical call process on U1900?
 Prefix -> Office route -> Office route selection code -> Trunk
B. Prefix -> Office route selection code -> Trunk -> Office route
C. Prefix -> Office route selection code -> Office route -> Trunk
D. Prefix -> Office route -> Trunk
Answer: C

Question # 3:

The following requirement can be implemented using ():
A user dials the automatic switchboard number of company A. The system plays an announcement “Thanks for calling XX company. Please dial the extension number. To query numbers/ dial 0”. Then, the user can be connected to the desired enterprise user by dialing the corresponding extension number, or connected to the company’s operator by
dialing 0.

A. Only one menu
B. Two menus
C. Two levels of menus
D. No additional menu
Answer: A


Question # 4:
In U1900 series unified gateway, which of the following is CORRECT concerning number conversion priority?
A. Number change < Number mapping < Long and short numbers
B. Number mapping < Long and short numbers < Number change
C. Number mapping < Number change < Long and short numbers
D. Long and short numbers < Number change < Number mapping
Answer: A

Question # 5
Which of the following statements are CORRECT about R2 signaling? (Multiple Choice)
A. R2 signaling is a common channel signaling (CCS).
B. R2 signaling consists of line signaling and inter-register signaling.
C. Register signaling in R2 signaling is inband signaling.
D. Line signaling in R2 signaling is used to transmit information such as numbers, user types, and billing.
Answer: B,C

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