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N10-007 Practice Test Quiz

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Certification Exam is the updated version of N10-006 Exam focusing on the latest networking technologies and a number of added domains makes it more suitable for candidates looking for a career in Networking Field.
The N10-007 includes critical security concepts, Key cloud computing with best practices and classic service models. It further covers the innovative hardware and virtualization skills and technical know-how to maintain the network resilient.
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• Topologies and Infrastructure
• Addressing and Routing
• Troubleshooting and Management
• Installation
• Security

In order to receive the most gain out of the N10-007 CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam CompTIA A+, Support Skills course is recommended and 9-12 months of experience of networking support or IT administration.
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Free Download N10-007 Dumps - Question Answers:

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Free CompTIA N10-007 Sample Quesiton 1:
A network technician is troubleshooting wireless network issues in a crowded office complex and suspects there is interference from nearby wireless networks.
Which of the following should the technician perform to discover possible interference?

A. Site survey
B. Vulnerability scanning
C. Wardriving
D. Checking logical diagram
E. Bandwidth test

Correct Answer: A

Latest CompTIA N10-007 Practice Question 2:
A network technician is troubleshooting an issue and has established a theory of probable cause. Which of the following steps should the network technician take

A. Test the possible solution
B. Question the users
C. Determine what has changed
D. Document the theory

Correct Answer: A

Free N10-007 Exam Dumps PDF Question 3:
Users are reporting Internet connectivity issues. The network administrator wants to determine if the issues are internal to the company network or if there is an
issue with the ISP. Which of the following tools should be used to BEST determine where the outage is occurring?

A. traceroute
B. ping
C. nslookup
D. netstat

Correct Answer: A

New N10-007 Exam Dumps Demo Question 4:
Which of the following security mechanisms dynamically assigns a Layer 2 address and restricts traffic only to that Layer 2 address?

A. Sticky MAC
B. 802.1x

Correct Answer: A

Download N10-007 PDF Question 5:
According to the OSI model, at which of the following layers is data encapsulated into a packet?

A. Layer 2
B. Layer 3
C. Layer 4
D. Layer 5
E. Layer 6

Correct Answer: B

Free Download CompTIA N10-007 Demo Question 6:
Which of the following WAN technologies is MOST preferred when developing a VoIP system with 23 concurrent channels?

C. T1

Correct Answer: C

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Practice Question 7:
A junior network technician is setting up a new email server on the company network. Which of the following default ports should the technician ensure is open on
the firewall so the new email server can relay email?

A. 23
B. 25
C. 110
D. 143

Correct Answer: B

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 CompTIA N10-007 Online Quiz Question 8:
A network technician is considering opening ports on the firewall for an upcoming VoIP PBX implementation. Which of the following protocols is the technician
MOST likely to consider? (Choose three.)

C. H.323
G. IPSec

Correct Answer: ACF

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Sample Question 9:
A device operating at Layer 3 of the OSI model uses which of the following protocols to determine the path to a different network?


Correct Answer: C

Free CompTIA N10-007 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Demo Question 10:
A network administrator is setting up a web-based application that needs to be continually accessible to the end users. Which of the following concepts would BEST
ensure this requirement?

A. High availability
B. Snapshots
C. NIC teaming
D. Cold site

Correct Answer: A

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