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The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a not-for-profit membership association offering certifications to Project managers all over the world. PMI is best known for its standardized project management solutions and best practices to perform required tasks.
PMI certifications are recognized all over the world and have more than 470,000 members in 207 countriesPMI can be easily dubbed as the world’s largest association for project managers having created more than 740,000 PMPs worldwide.

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PMI since there beginning in 1980 has introduced certification programs that are most suitable for all project managers in the world. The PMI’s entry-level certification is the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) with several other upper-level certifications focusing on program management, portfolio management, agile practices, risk management, business analysis, and scheduling. These certifications are as follows: 

• Project Management Professional (PMP)
• Program Management Professional (PgMP)
• Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)
• Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
• PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)
• PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
• PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)
• PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)

PMI Certification on your resume will mean you are welcomed to practically enter any industry situated anywhere in the world with skills of vast mythology required from a project manager. 

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Question #1: PMP 6th Edition

Sam is the project manager recently appointed to the IntelX project. While she was creating her  project management plan, she found that the project business case contains some wrong  information and should be updated. She decided to change this document and inform her sponsor and concerned stakeholders about the change. What is your advice to Sam?

A. I will advise her to execute the required change to the business case and inform the  concerned management
B. I will advise her to review the change with the project sponsor before she communicates the change to the other concerned stakeholders
C. I will advise her not to change the business case document as it is not one of the project documents that she is authorized to change
D. I will advise her to review the change with the PMO before she communicates the change to the other concerned stakeholders.

Answer: C

PMBOK® 6th Edition Reference: PMBOK 6th Ed., BUSINESS DOCUMENTS, Page 78

Explanation: The project managers do not update or modify the business documents, including the business case, since they are not project documents; however, they may make recommendations.

Therefore, option (C) is the right answer.

The other options are wrong as they are allowing the project manager to apply changes to the business case.

Domain: Initiating

Knowledge Area: Integration

Process: Develop Project Charter


Question # 2: Dumpsadviser PMP Practice Question Answers:

Which of the following documents is created as a result of market demand?

A. Business Case
B. Project Charter
C. Benefits management plan
D. Project information document

Answer: A

PMBOK® 6th Edition Reference: PMBOK 6th Ed., BUSINESS DOCUMENTS, Page 77

Explanation: Option (B) is wrong as the Project Charter is the document issued by the project sponsor that formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities

Option (C) is wrong as the benefits management plan is the documented explanation defining the processes for creating, maximizing, and sustaining the benefits provided by a project.

Option (D) is wrong as there is no artifact in the PMBOK 6th Ed. called project information document.

Option (A) is the right answer as the business case can be created as a result of a market demand to document the feasibility study used to establish the validity of the benefits of a selected component.

Domain: Initiating

Knowledge Area: Integration
29-December-2018 Latest PMI- PMP – Project Management Professional Dumps – PMP Question Answers By Dumspadviser


Question # 3: Free PMP 6th Edition Exam Question Answers:

James started to execute the Manage Quality process and he was looking for the acceptable level of project and product quality and how to ensure this level of quality in its deliverables and processes. Which document should James review?

A. Project documents
B. The project management plan
C. Organizational process assets
D. Enterprise environmental factors

Answer : B

PMBOK® 6th Edition Reference: PMBOK 6th Ed., 8.2.1 MANAGE QUALITY: INPUTS, Page 290

Explanation: The acceptable level of project and product quality and how to ensure this level of quality in its deliverables and processes are part of the information in the project management plan as it includes the quality management plan as one of its components, so, option (B) is the right answer.

Options (A), and (C) are referring to inputs to the Manage Quality process, but do not include the mentioned quality information.

Option (D) has an element that does not appear in the inputs of the Manage Quality process.

B Executing

Knowledge Area: Quality

Process: Manage Quality

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Free PMI PMP Sample Quesiton 1:
Through whom do project managers accomplish work?

A. Consultants and stakeholders
B. Stakeholders and functional managers
C. Project team members and consultants
D. Project team members and stakeholders

Answer: D

Latest PMI PMP Practice Question 2:
One of the objectives of a quality audit is to:

A. highlight the need for root cause analysis.
B. share the process documentation among stakeholders.
C. offer assistance with non-value-added activities.
D. identify all of the gaps or shortcomings.

Answer: D

Free PMP Exam Dumps PDF Question 3:
In which process group is the scope first defined?

A. Initiating
B. Planning
C. Executing
D. Controlling

Answer: A

New PMP Exam Dumps Demo Question 4:
What defines the portion of work included in a contract for items being purchased or acquired?

A. Procurement management plan
B. Evaluation criteria
C. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
D. Contract Statement of Work (SOW)

Answer: D

Download PMP PDF Question 5:
Status of deliverables, implementation status for change requests, and forecasted estimates to complete are examples of:

A. Earned value management.
B. Enterprise environmental factors.
C. Organizational process assets.
D. Work performance information.

Answer: D

Free Download PMI PMP Demo Question 6:
The process of developing a detailed description of the project and product is known as:

A. Create WBS.
B. Verify Scope.
C. Collect Requirements.
D. Define Scope.

Answer: D

Project-Management-Professional PMP Practice Question 7:
A method to manage stakeholder expectations in the scope statement is to clearly:

A. state the guiding principles of the organization.
B. identify alternatives to generate different approaches.
C. state what is out of scope.
D. outline the results of the Delphi technique.

Answer: C

Project Management Professional v5 PMI PMP Online Quiz Question 8:
A collection of projects managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives is referred to as a:

A. plan
B. process
C. program
D. portfolio

Answer: D

Project-Management-Professional PMP Sample Question 9:
The contract in which the seller is reimbursed for all allowable costs for performing the contract work and then receives a fee based upon achieving certain performance objectives is called a:

A. Cost Plus Incentive Fee Contract (CPIF).
B. Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contract (CPFF).
C. Fixed Price Incentive Fee Contract (FPIF).
D. Time and Material Contract (T&M).

Answer: A

Free PMI PMP Project Management Professional v5 Demo Question 10:
Which Knowledge Areas include processes from the Closing Process Group?

A. Project Quality Management and Project Time Management
B. Project Scope Management and Project Risk Management
C. Project Stakeholder Management and Project Cost Management
D. Project Integration Management and Project Procurement Management

Answer: D

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Question # 1:
What is project management?
A. A logical grouping of project management inputs, outputs, tools, and techniques
B. Applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project
C. Launching a process that can result in the authorization of a new project
D. A formal, approved document that defines how the project is executed, monitored, and
Answer: B

Question # 2:
What is project management?
A. A logical grouping of project management inputs, outputs, tools, and techniques
B. Applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project
C. Launching a process that can result in the authorization of a new project
D. A formal, approved document that defines how the project is executed, monitored, and
Answer: B
Question # 3:
In which type of contract are the performance targets established at the onset and the final
contract price determined after completion of all work based on the sellers performance?
A. Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP)
B. Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustments (FP-EPA)
C. Fixed-Price-Incentive-Fee (FPIF)
D. Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF)
Answer: C
Question #4 :
Which process uses occurrence probability and impact on project objectives to assess the priority
of identified risks?
A. Identify Risks
B. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
C. Plan Risk Management
D. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Answer: B
Question # 5:
What is Project Portfolio Management?
A. Management of a project by dividing the project into more manageable sub-projects.
B. Management of a project by utilizing a portfolio of general management skills, such as
planning, organizing, staffing, executing and controlling.
C. Management of all projects undertaken by a company.
D. Management of a collection of projects that are grouped together to facilitate effective
management and meet strategic business objectives.
Answer: D
Question # 6:
Project management processes ensure the:
A. alignment with organizational strategy
B. efficient means to achieve the project objectives
C. performance of the project team
D. effective flow of the project throughout its life cycle
Answer: D
Question #7 :
An output of the Develop Project Team process is:
A. change requests
B. team performance assessments
C. project staff assignments
D. project documents updates
Answer: B
Question # 8:
A primary function of a project management office is to support project managers in a
variety of ways, including which of the following?
A. Developing and managing project policies, procedures, templates, and other shared
B. Acting as the project sponsor by providing financial resources to the project
C. Resolving issues and change management within a shared governance structure
D. Aligning organizational/strategic direction that affects project and program goals
Answer: A
Question #9 :
The product scope description is used to:
A. Gain stakeholders support for the project.
B. Document the characteristics of the product.
C. Describe the project in great detail.
D. Formally authorize the project.
Answer: B
Question # 10:
The Identify Stakeholders process is found in which Process Group?
A. Initiating
B. Monitoring and Controlling
C. Planning
D. Executing
Answer: A

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