N10-007 Practice Test Quiz From Test4practice CompTIA Network+ Real Exam Quiz

In a fast and developing world getting a stable job is becoming very hard. In situations like these you can get use of a fine certification such as CompTIA Network+. CompTIA Exam will enhance your abilities to make you more desirable in industry. To get prepared for your N10-007 Exam Test4practice provide you with brilliant N10-007 Test Practice Questions, approved by industrial experts to get best results in N10-007 Exam. find us on our website to get more details.

1. At which of the following layers of the OSI model do packets exist?


2. Which of the following protocols is used to securely connect to a multi-layer switch?


3. Which of the following ports would Zach, a technician, need to open on a firewall to allow
SSH on the default port?


4. Which of the following BEST describes how a layer 2 switch functions?


5. Several users from the same building are reporting connectivity issues. The SFP at that
building’s IDF switch is showing a link light, but there is no link light to the corresponding
switch’s SFP at the MDF. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?


6. Which of the following is indicative of an FTP bounce?


7. A network administrator wants to monitor traffic by deploying MIBs. Which of the follow
network monitoring resources would be used?


8. Which of the following ports should be allowed through a firewall to allow DNS resolution to
occur to an outside DNS server?


9. Jeff, a customer, has a wireless network and has reported that the network traffic from the
wireless access points seems high compared to the limited number of wireless devices
used. Jeff believes that other non-employees are using the wireless network to access the
Internet. Which of the following could be used to limit the access to the wireless network?
(Select TWO).


10. Which of the following is a routed protocol that functions at layer 3 of the OSI model?


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